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Multiboot on USB disk

WARNING : this example is for USB key present as /dev/sdc WARNING : if you follow this howto, you will wipe the disk (make backups before)

  1. Plug a USB key in your computer
  2. Erase your USB disk
  1. use Easy2Boot to make a multiboot disk : http://www.easy2boot.com/make-an-easy2boot-usb-drive
  • On windows, use usbit in order to make a zip compressed raw image of the multiboot USB key (http://www.alexpage.de/usb-image-tool)
  • On GNU/Linux, use dd : dd if=/dev/sdc of=./image.raw bs=128M (and compress it with gzip for example)
  1. copy the image on the server, in rescue mode under ubuntu
  1. connect the server, in rescue mode under ubuntu, with ssh
mv multiboot.imz  multiboot.raw.zip
unzip -e multiboot.raw.zip

If not enough place in ramdisk, mount a disk (not the USB one on the server) and move the compressed image file and uncompress it

  1. Dump the image to the USB drive (/dev/sdc) : dd if=./image.img of=/dev/sdc bs=128
  2. Boot the server on the USB drive :
  3. run IDRAC, go to boot menu (R220 II : press F11 when prompted)
  4. chose the USB hard disk and… voila !
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