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NFS on Debian Stretch

Server installation

apt install nfs-kernel-server
cd /usr/share
mkdir nfs-shared
chmod 757 nfs-shared
echo "/usr/share/nfs-shared/ <IP_client>(rw,root_squash)" >> /etc/exports
service nfs-kernel-server reload

Client configuration (Proxmox)

Go to Datacenter → Storage→ Add → NFS

  • ID: nfsproxmox
  • Server: <IP_NFS_server>
  • Export: /usr/share/nfs-shared
  • Content: what you want
  • Nodes: what you want
  • Enable : check
  • Max Backups: 1
  • Add

You can now use the shared NFS filesystem.

If you want to allow other clients to use nfs sharing, add /usr/share/nfs-shared/ <IP_other_client>(rw,root_squash) in /etc/exports.

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